OpenCV for Unity ver2.0.7 Release!

Version 2.0.7 [Common]Added aruco, structured_light, xfeatures2d module. [Common]Added ArUcoSample, GrabCutSample, InpaintSample, MatchShapesSample, MSERSample.

OpenCV for Unity ver2.0.1 Release!

Version 2.0.1 [OSX]Fixed SIGILL Exception. [Common]Added Utils.setDebugMode() method. [Common]Added MatchTemplateSample, StereoBMSample, SeamlessCloneSample and WebCamTextureDetectCirclesSample. [Common]Added flipVertical flag, flapHorizontal flag and GetWebCamDevice() method to WebCamTextureToMatHelper.cs. [Common]Excluded Old Version based on “OpenCV 2.4.11”.(In order to reduce the package size)

OpenCV for Unity ver2.0.0 Release!

Version 2.0.0 [Common]Updated to OpenCV3.1.0. [Common]Included Old Version based on “OpenCV2.4.11”. [Common] Included Beta Version of Windows10 UWP Support.( This is beta version based on OpenCV3.0.0. opencv_contrib modules is not supported.)