How to extract the shape predictor from “mmod_dog_hipsterizer.dat”

First of all, please look at this article. Hipsterize Your Dog With Deep Learning ( “mmod_dog_hipsterizer.dat” cannot be used as a shape predictor data because it is distributed in a state in which combines multiple files. I will introduce here because I wrote the code for the use of the dog face shape predictor data in “DlibFaceLandmarkDetector”.This example scene was created based on the “DlibFaceLandmarkDetector/Examples/CatDetectionExample”.Replace the “CatDetectionExample.cs” that is attached to Quad to this script code.Set to the dog image to the texture2D inspector.The file that you downloaded and unzipped from here must be put to the “streamingAssets” folder.using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; #if UNITY_5_3 || UNITY_5_3_OR_NEWER using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; #endif using DlibFaceLandmarkDetector; namespace DlibFaceLandmarkDetectorSample { /// <summary> /// Dog detection example. /// </summary> public class DogDetectionExample : MonoBehaviour { /// <summary> /// The texture2 d. /// </summary> public Texture2D texture2D; // private Texture2D m_tex; private int m_width, m_height; private Color[] m_linesColor = null; // Use this for initialization void Start () { gameObject.transform.localScale = new Vector3 (texture2D.width, texture2D.height, 1); Debug.Log (“Screen.width ” + Screen.width + ” Screen.height ” + Screen.height + ” Screen.orientation ” + Screen.orientation); float width = gameObject.transform.localScale.x; float height = gameObject.transform.localScale.y; float widthScale = (float)Screen.width / width; float heightScale = (float)Screen.height / height; if (widthScale < heightScale) { Camera.main.orthographicSize = (width * (float)Screen.height / (float)Screen.width) / […]