Support Web platform?

Since the Unity Web Player does not support the native plugin, “Dlib FaceLandmark Detector” does not support “WebPlayer Platform”.

A WebGL platform was added as an alternative. (Unity 5.3 or higher)

Support Windows10 UWP?

Yes. The asset supports the UWP platform.

Offer a free version?

The free version is not offered now.


“DllNotFoundException: dlibfaceLandmarkdetector” is displayed on the console when run the example scene.

Plugin does not seem to be loaded correctly. Please check the setup procedure.

“Level ‘Texture2DExample’ (-1) could not be loaded because it has not been added to the build settings.” is displayed on the console when run the example scene.

Please add all of “***.unity” scenes into the “Assets/DlibFaceLandmarkDetector/Examples” folder to [Build Settings] – [Scene In Build].

In Texture2DExample, red rectangle is not displayed around a face.

Please move the “DlibFaceLandmarkDetector/StreamingAssets/” folder to “Assets/” folder.


How can I train object detector?

Please refer to this page.


How can I train shape predictor?

Please refer to this page.


The size of the “sp_human_face_68.dat” is too large.

Please use the “sp_human_face_68_for_mobile.dat”. (the “sp_human_face_68_for_mobile.dat” is less accurate than the “sp_human_face_68.dat”, but it is a smaller size.)

The index of face landmark points that can be obtained using the sp_human_face_XX.dat.