Support Web platform?

Since the Unity Web Player does not support the native plugin, “Dlib FaceLandmark Detector” does not support “WebPlayer Platform”.

A WebGL platform was added as an alternative. (Unity 5.3 or higher)

Support Windows10 UWP?

Yes. The asset supports the UWP platform.

What is the minimum file composition required for the assets to work?

You do not necessarily have to import all the files for the asset to work. If you do not need to try the example scenes, the minimum file composition required is as follows:

Offer a free version?

We aren’t able to offer a free trial version of DlibFaceLandmarkDetector Asset at this time.


“DllNotFoundException: dlibfaceLandmarkdetector” is displayed on the console when run the example scene.

Plugin does not seem to be loaded correctly. Please check the setup procedure.

“Level ‘Texture2DExample’ (-1) could not be loaded because it has not been added to the build settings.” is displayed on the console when run the example scene.

Please add all of “***.unity” scenes into the “Assets/DlibFaceLandmarkDetector/Examples” folder to [Build Settings] – [Scene In Build].

In Texture2DExample, red rectangle is not displayed around a face.

Please move the “DlibFaceLandmarkDetector/StreamingAssets/” folder to “Assets/” folder.


How can I train object detector?

Please refer to this page.


How can I train shape predictor?

Please refer to this page.


The size of the “sp_human_face_68.dat” is too large.

Please use the “sp_human_face_68_for_mobile.dat”. (the “sp_human_face_68_for_mobile.dat” is less accurate than the “sp_human_face_68.dat”, but it is a smaller size.)

The index of face landmark points that can be obtained using the sp_human_face_XX.dat.

How to a way to catch native Dlib’s errors code?

In order to display the native Dlib’s error code, please enclose the code in Utils.setDebugMode(true) and Utils.setDebugMode(false).

Utils.setDebugMode(true); ------------ Utils.setDebugMode(false);