Way to translation of Mat class operators defined in C++

This is a list of implemented matrix operations that can be combined in arbitrary complex expressions (here A, B stand for matrices ( Mat ), s for a scalar ( Scalar ), alpha for a real-valued scalar ( double )):

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Addition, subtraction, negation: A+B, A-B, A+s, A-s, s+A, s-A, -A
A + B M1 + M2

Core.add (M1, M2, M_dst)

A – B M1 – M2

Core.subtract (M1, M2, M_dst)

A + s M1 + s

Core.add (M1, s, M_dst)

A – s M1 – s

Core.subtract (M1, s, M_dst)

-A -M1

Core.multiply (M1, Scalar.all (-1), M_dst)

Scaling: A*alpha A/alpha
A * α M1 * 3

Core.multiply (M1, Scalar.all (3), M_dst)

A / α M1 / 3

Core.divide (M1, Scalar.all (3), M_dst)

Per-element multiplication and division: A.mul(B), A/B, alpha/A
A.mul(B) M1.mul(M2)

M1.mul (M2)

A / B M1 / M2

Core.divide (M1, M2, M_dst)

α / A 3 / M1

Core.divide (new Mat (M1.size (), M1.type (), Scalar.all (3)), M1, M_dst)

Matrix multiplication: A*B
A * B M1 * M2

Core.gemm (M1, M2, 1, new Mat (), 0, M_dst)

Comparison: A cmpop B, A cmpop alpha, alpha cmpop A, where cmpop is one of :  >, >=, ==, !=, <=, <. The result of comparison is an 8-bit single channel mask whose elements are set to 255 (if the particular element or pair of elements satisfy the condition) or 0.
A > B M1 > M2

Core.compare (M1, M2, M_dst, Core.CMP_GT)

A >= B M1 >= M2

Core.compare (M1, M2, M_dst, Core.CMP_GE)

A == B M1 == M2

Core.compare (M1, M2, M_dst, Core.CMP_EQ)

A != B M1 != M2

Core.compare (M1, M2, M_dst, Core.CMP_NE)

A <= B M1 <= M2

Core.compare (M1, M2, M_dst, Core.CMP_LE)

A < B M1 < M2

Core.compare (M1, M2, M_dst, Core.CMP_LT)

Bitwise logical operations: A logicop B, A logicop s, s logicop A, ~A, where logicop is one of :  &, |, ^.
A & B M1 & M2

Core.bitwise_and (M1, M2, M_dst)

A | B M1 | M2

Core.bitwise_or (M1, M2, M_dst)

A ^ B M1 ^ M2

Core.bitwise_xor (M1, M2, M_dst)

~A ~M1

Core.bitwise_not (M1, M_dst)

Matrix assignment operators:
C = A + B M3 = M1 + M2

Core.add (M1, M2, M3)

A = s M1 = s

M1.setTo (s)