OpenCV for Unity ver2.4.4 Release!

Version 2.4.4 [Common]Updated to OpenCV4.5.2. [Common]Added VideoCaptureCameraInputExample and BackgroundSubtractorComparisonExample. [Common]Updated TrackingExample.

OpenCV for Unity ver2.4.3 Release!

Version 2.4.3 [Common]Added a downloader script to automatically set up the Dnn module example. [WebGL]Added exclude_contrib version for build size reduction.

OpenCV for Unity ver2.3.9 Release!

Version 2.3.9 [Common]Updated to OpenCV4.3.0. [Common]Added LibFaceDetectionV2Example, LibFaceDetectionV3Example, ColorizationExample and DocumentScannerExample. [Common]Update ArUcoCameraCalibrationExample and WrapPerspectiveExample.

OpenCV for Unity ver2.3.8 Release!

Version 2.3.8 [Common]Updated to OpenCV4.2.0. [UWP]Added ARM64 Architecture. [WebGL]Added opencvforunity.bc with multi-threading enabled. [Common]Added FastNeuralStyleTransferExample and LibFaceDetectionExample. [Common]Added MatIndexer class and MatUtils class. [Common]Update ComicFilterExample, VideoCaptureExample, OpenPoseExample and MatBasicProcessingExample.

OpenCV for Unity ver2.3.7 Release!

Version 2.3.7 [WebGL]Fixed build errors that occur when DevelopmentBuild is enabled on the WegGL platform. [Common]Added optimization code using NativeArray class. ( require PlayerSettings.allowUnsafeCode flag, “OPENCV_USE_UNSAFE_CODE” ScriptingDefineSymbol and Unity2018.2 or later. ) [iOS]Fixed build errors that occur on the iOS platform with Unity2019.3 or later. [Common]Updated to WebCamTextureToMatHelper.cs v1.1.1.

OpenCV for Unity ver2.3.6 Release!

Version 2.3.6 [WebGL]Fixed “Plugins/WebGL/2018.2/opencvforunity.bc”. [Common]Added multi-dimensional Mat example to MatBasicProcessingExample. [Common]Fixed ARUtils.cs.