OpenCV for Unity ver2.5.9 Release!

Version 2.5.9 [Common]Added PoseSkeletonVisualizer to HandPoseEstimationMediaPipeExample and PoseEstimationMediaPipeExample. [Common]Changed to use unsafe code by default. [Common]Optimized the amount of memory allocation, mainly in the Convertor class.

OpenCV for Unity ver2.5.8 Release!

Version 2.5.8 [Common]Updated to OpenCV4.9.0. [Common]Added DebugMatUtilsExample and MultiObjectTrackingExample. [Common]Updated VideoWriterExample, VideoWriterAsyncExample, TextRecognitionCRNNExample, TextRecognitionCRNNWebCamExample and TrackingExample. [Common]Changed the minimum supported version to Unity2020.3.48f1. [WebGL]Added support for “WebAssembly 2023”. [iOS]Changed “Target minimum iOS Version” to 11.0. [Common]Removed TrackerGOTURN from TrackingExample and added TrackerVit.

OpenCV for Unity ver2.5.7 Release!

Verson 2.5.7 [Common]Added FeatureMatchingExample. [WebGL]Added a plugin file with threads and simd enabled for the WebGL platform. This update removes support for the WebGL platform in Unity 2021.1 and below. (Select MenuItem[Tools/OpenCV for Unity/Open Setup Tools/WebGL Settings])

OpenCV for Unity ver2.5.5 Release!

Version 2.5.5 [Common]Updated to OpenCV4.8.0. [Common]Added ImageCorrectionExample, YuNetFaceDetectionExample and FaceDetectionYuNetV2Example. [Common]Updated HumanSegmentationExample, BarcodeDetectorExample. [Windows]Added Support for ARM64. [WebGL]Added Unity2023.2 or later support.

OpenCV for Unity ver2.5.2 Release!

2.5.2 [Common]Added YOLOv4ObjectDetectionExample, YOLOv7ObjectDetectionExample, YOLOXObjectDetectionExample and NanoDetPlusObjectDetectionExample. [Common]Updated HandPoseEstimationExample, ArUcoExample, ArUcoWebCamExample and ArUcoCameraCalibrationExample.

OpenCV for Unity ver2.5.1 Release!

Verson 2.5.1 [Common]Updated to OpenCV4.7.0. [Common]Added ImageClassificationMobilenetExample and HandPoseEstimationExample. [Common]Added TrackerNano to TrackingExample. [Lumin]Removed Lumin platform support (for MagicLeapOne). [Common]Add a button to SetupTools to automatically add scenes under the “Examples” folder to “Scenes In Build”

OpenCV for Unity ver2.5.0 Release!

Version 2.5.0 [Common]Added TransformECCExample, HumanSegmentationExample and ImageClassificationPPResnetExample.v [Common]Update TextOCRWebCamExample. [Common]Changed the setup procedure to use the SetupToolsWindow. [Common]Change the namespase under “OpenCVForUnity/Editor” folder from “OpenCVForUnity” to “OpenCVForUnity.Editor”. [Common]Added the ExampleAssetsDownloaderWindow that automatically downloads the necessary files to Examples. [Common]Added “OpenCVForUnity” folder under “StreamingAssets” folder. [Common]Added function to automatically move the StreamingAssets folder. [WebGL]Added Unity2022.2 or later support.